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Cocomix Coconut Creamer

Product is a delicious and healthy alternative to dairy creamer, completely dairy free, lactose free and gluten free.

Made from fresh coconut milk and comes in an off-white liquid form with creamy,
rich texture, natural mild and delicious aroma from coconut.

It adds a smooth and rich taste to coffee and other beverages while enhancing the colors with its excellent natural whitening properties.


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The purpose and suitability of use are different
1. Coconut Creamer and Coconut Milk products are no different production methods and procedures, but they differ from the ingredients used in the formula. Because the formula of each product has been developed to suit different menus or applications.
2. Coconut Creamer's formula contains suitable components for use in beverage menus, namely mixed in all drinks and make it concentrated, fragrant, smooth and homogeneous. There is no separation of oil layer or fog on the surface of drinks. It can also be used to froth or apply latte art on top of drinks.

Coconut Creamer has a natural mild and fabulous aroma, rich light cream, enhance a delicious taste to the drinks better than soymilk product, including no ingredient from soy that cause allergic reactions.

Coconut Creamer overall has a lighter aroma, adding more rich cream and has a better taste than almond milk product.

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